These paintings are on view, by appointment. Patricia also takes painting commissions for special plant or garden studies.
REGALE LILIES, I.S:51x36cm F.S:71x56cm Watercolour €1,800

REGALE LILIES, I.S/51x36cm F.S/71x56cm Watercolour

REGALE LILY BELLS, I.S:51x36cm F.S:71x56cm Watercolour €1,500

REGALE LILY BELLS, I.S/51x36cm F.S/71x56cm Watercolour

BIRR MAGNOLIAS:two flowers and bud, I.S:23x31 F.S:43x51cm Waterc

BIRR MAGNOLIAS/two flowers and bud, I.S/23x31 F.S/43x51cm Watercolour

BLUE IRIS HEAD, I.S: 72cmx53cm, F.S: 108cmx88cm Watercolour €5

BLUE IRIS HEAD, I.S/ 72cmx53cm, F.S/ 108cmx88cm Watercolour

MONSTERA ON FERN TREE, I.S:50x34cm F.S:70x54cm Watercolour €2,

MONSTERA ON FERN TREE, I.S/50x34cm F.S/70x54cm Watercolour

IN THE ORCHID HOUSE, I.S:50x34cm F.S:70x54cm Watercolour €2,80

IN THE ORCHID HOUSE, I.S/50x34cm F.S/70x54cm Watercolour

THREE POMEGRANATES, I.S:26x23cm F.S:46x43cm Watercolour €900

THREE POMEGRANATES, I.S/26x23cm F.S/46x43cm Watercolour

ANNE ROSSE 'Anne Rosse', I.S:26x20cm F.S:46x40cm Watercolour €

PEONY Anne Rosse, I.S/26x20cm F.S/46x40cm Watercolour

PLATE OF FIGS, I.S:34x39cm F.S:54x59cm Watercolour €2,000

PLATE OF FIGS, I.S/34x39cm F.S/54x59cm Watercolour

GEORGIA ON MY MIND, I.S:44x56cm F.S:71x82cm Watercolour and Penc

GEORGIA ON MY MIND, I.S/44x56cm F.S/71x82cm Watercolour and Pencil

SHEEP SKULLS AND CAMELLIAS, I.S:50x35cm F.S:70x53cm Watercolour

SHEEP SKULLS AND CAMELLIAS, I.S/50x35cm F.S/70x53cm Watercolour and Pencil

CAMELIA LAVINIA MAGGI, I.S:58x53cm F.S:93x88cm Watercolour €5,

CAMELLIA Lavinia Maggi, I.S/58x53cm F.S/93x88cm Watercolour

MAGNOLIA DELAVAY(2), I.S:45x60cm F.S:68x81cm Watercolour €4,00

MAGNOLIA Delavaii (2), I.S/45x60cm F.S/68x81cm Watercolour

BIRR MAGNOLIA AND DRAWING, I.S:45x60cm F.S:68x81cm Watercolour a

BIRR MAGNOLIA AND DRAWING, I.S/45x60cm F.S/68x81cm Watercolour and Pencil

RED AND WHITE PARROT TULIPS, I.S:41x31cm F.S:61x51cm Watercolour

RED AND WHITE PARROT TULIPS, I.S/41x31cm F.S/61x51cm Watercolour

THEDDEN TULIPS, I.S:41x29cm F.S:61.49cm Watercolour €2,500

THEDDEN TULIPS, I.S/41x29cm F.S/61.49cm Watercolour

RED STRIPED DOUBLE TULIPS, I.S:41x31cm F.S:61x51cm Watercolour ‚

RED STRIPED DOUBLE TULIPS, I.S/41x31cm F.S/61x51cm Watercolour

WISTERIA, I.S:47x34cm F.S:66x54cm Watercolour and Pencil €2,50

WISTERIA, I.S/47x34cm F.S/66x54cm Watercolour and Pencil

BALLINLOUGH CONES, I.S:44x33cm F.S:67x53cm Watercolour €2,500

BALLINLOUGH CONES, I.S/44x33cm F.S/67x53cm Watercolour

AUTUMN HOSTA LEAF STUDY, I.S:36x50cm F.S:56x70cm Watercolour and

AUTUMN HOSTA LEAF STUDY, I.S/36x50cm F.S/56x70cm Watercolour and Pencil


CLEMATIS Marie Boisselot

CLEMATIS SPRAY, I.S:41x29cm F.S:61x49cm Watercolour €2,000

CLEMATIS SPRAY, I.S/41x29cm F.S/61x49cm Watercolour

WINTER FATSIA LEAF, I.S:60x46cm F.S:82x68cm Watercolour €3,000

WINTER FATSIA LEAF, I.S/60x46cm F.S/82x68cm Watercolour

SEPTEMBER STILL LIFE, I.S:60x45cm F.S;88x71cm Watercolour €4,5

SEPTEMBER STILL LIFE, I.S/60x45cm F.S;88x71cm Watercolour

LEDGE FUNGUS, I.S:45x60cm F.S:68x82cm Waatercolour €3,000

LEDGE FUNGUS, I.S/45x60cm F.S/68x82cm Waatercolour

TRILLIUM, I.S:72x53cm F.S:108x88cm Watercolour €5.500

TRILLIUM, I.S/72x53cm F.S/108x88cm Watercolour

IRIS 'JANE PHILLIPS', I.S:51x36cm F.S:71x56cm Watercolour and Pe

IRIS Jane Phillips, I.S/51x36cm F.S/71x56cm Watercolour and Pencil

LYSICHITUM, I.S:73x54cm F.S:105x84cm Watercolour and Pencil €6

LYSICHITUM, I.S/73x54cm F.S/105x84cm Watercolour and Pencil

SINGLE SHELL(1), I.S:23x24cm F.S:43x44cm Watercolour €900

SINGLE SHELL(1), I.S/23x24cm F.S/43x44cm Watercolour

Three camellias 'spangles', I.S:28x24cm F.S:48x44cm Watercolour

THREE CAMELLIAS Spangles, I.S/28x24cm F.S/48x44cm Watercolour and Pencil

LILIUM speciosum, I.S:39x29cm F.S:59x49cm Watercolour €900

LILIUM speciosum, I.S/39x29cm F.S/59x49cm Watercolour

ARTICHOKE(2), I.S:76x54cm F.S:105x81cm Watercolour €4,500

ARTICHOKE(2), I.S/76x54cm F.S/105x81cm Watercolour

MAGNOLIA Cambellii I.S:46x36cm F.S:71x58cm Watercolour

MAGNOLIA Cambellii I.S/46x36cm F.S/71x58cm Watercolour

PEONY Wendy Walsh I.S:41x68cm F.S:51x79cm Watercolour

PEONY Wendy Walsh I.S/41x68cm F.S/51x79cm Watercolour

TURIN ARTICHOKE I.S:58x84 F.S:42x66cm Watercolour

TURIN ARTICHOKE I.S/58x84 F.S/42x66cm Watercolour